Ellen is selected to participate at the BiŽnnale delle Nazioni in Venice, vernissage 16 March


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Miniprint Barcelona

Works below are selected for the miniprint exhibitions in Spain and France.

Kitchen-lithography combinated with mixed media.



About the works


Memory of Colours by Ellen Geerts

 Ellen Geerts travels in colour. With vivid, contrasting tints, she gives you a little peek into her memories. 

"Although my landscapes differ in many aspects from the visible reality, many people recognize 'something'.

Not literally, but an experience, or a state of mind," says Ellen

(Nina Meijerink & Claire van der Plaat)


Ellen Geerts ( Nijmegen 1962 ) utilizes the possibilities of paint and colors in adventurous art of painting.

Quick witted, the artist maneuvers between expressing the observed reality (usually  landscapes) and an emotional translation and interpretation .

She explores this immense area in her paintings, which need to be considered especially as poetical expressions.
It is clear that Geerts deals frankly with her sources. Nobody will blame her for that, as long as the adventurous perception of the painting has a positive effect on it.

The evocative style and coloristic approach produces landscapes which are firm without loss of spontaneousness.

(Wim van der Beek, art critic)